Cyber Security

Vulnerabillity Assessment

Harden your attack surface


Adversaries Don’t Need Many Vulnerabilities – One Is Enough.


Every 90 minutes a new security vulnerability is identified


That is an average of 7 vulnerabilities per asset across a typical IT environment


8000 known and disclosed vulnerabilities known and disclosed vulnerabilities each year


50-300 critical vulnerabilities exploitable depending on industry


It takes an average of 103 days until known security vulnerabilities are remediated


It takes 15 days in the average that a vulnerability is exploited

Vulnerabilities And Their Exploitation Are Still The Root Cause Of Most Breaches

There are many ways to breach corporate defenses, but web applications are by far the most vulnerable part of your network.

The majority of exploits are based on vulnerabilities already known to security professionals for at least one year.

Only constant scanning and ruthless control can help you find vulnerabilities before anyone does.

Rapidly changing, complex business IT environments lead to a broad attack surface

That’s where Radar comes in

Manage Business-Critical Vulnerabilities

Radar is a turnkey, enterprisegrade vulnerability scanning and management platform.

It combines IT asset discovery and inventory, identification and management both internal and external threats.

Report on risks and conduct compliance to current and future regulations (such as PCI and GDPR compliance).

Radar gives you visibility into shadow IT: map your full attack surface and respond to critical vulnerabilities associated with cyber threats.

Explore beyond your network
Identify risks and potentially vulnerable external connections

Discover network assets
Map all assets on the application layer

Scan systems and applications
Protect endpoints. Scan assets for vulnerabilities

Manage vulnerabilities
Central vulnerability management and security alerting and forensics

Assess and verify
Track all changes with PCI-compliant vulnerability scanning

Report status
Prepare standardized and custom reports on risk and compliance

What Is Your Attack Surface?

The best threat response is to predict and map your cyber security threats. No other technology does that better than vulnerability management.

An organization’s attack surface crosses all network infrastructures, software, and web applications internally and in the global Internet. It includes an understanding of all points of interaction.

Information security managers need to be able to approach vulnerability assessment from several perspectives in order to get an accurate assessment of risks, minimize security threats, and maintain compliance.

Unlike any other vulnerability solution on the market, Radar features web crawling technology, called Internet Asset Discovery, that also covers the deep web. Radar allows you to easily browse through all targets to quickly identify risks and potentially vulnerable connections, and to expand the possible attack surface beyond your own network.

Identify And Expose The Possible Threats

Successful intellectual property and brands often make companies the target for fraudulent or malicious activities.

Radar can generate a threat assessment report of activities including brand violation or phishing sites intended to scam or infect visitors. Radar identifies your organization’s assets where they are vulnerable. You can minimize your attack surface while reducing risk.

With Radar, your IT security team maps your organisation’s attack surface in the aggregate of:

All known, unknown, and potential vulnerabilities critical to business

Controls across all software, hardware, firmware, and networks

Shadow IT, external misconfigured systems, malware websites, website-linked hosts

Partner and contractor security entropy

Brand infringements and phishing

The Real Attack Surface

BLUE —> What you didn’t want to know you have

GREY —> What you didn’t know you have

WHITE —> What you know you have

Radar Vulnerability Risk Management

Comprehensive visibility

Effective security mapping through precise discovery and mapping of all assets, systems, and applications on the network and beyond.

Streamlined productivity and security management

Quickly address problems across multiple domains with an efficient service workflow, including vulnerability monitoring, automated scheduled scans, and ticketing for prioritized remediation and verification.

Reporting on risk

Produce reports with credible information about your organization’s security posture over time. Show and justify how IT security enables business continuity.

Reduced costs

Vulnerability management can lower the cost of security significantly. It’s less costly to deal with security before serious problems than during a crisis or incident recovery. Additionally, Radar’s cloud resources allow organizations to lower their expenses.