GLOBSIT is an Italian Security Company of Tech Innovation founded in 2007. Thanks to consolidated skills, it is able to offer ad hoc solutions for customers with guaranteed data protection and business security over time.

GLOBSIT also applies machine learning and computer vision to industrial inspection and monitoring systems. Specifically, it has developed advanced tools for completely autonomous navigation of drones (UAVs) and rovers (ULVs) that interact with data analysis system for generating reports.

Despite of a conventional approach, the machine learning process ensures more accurate results reducing the time, costs and risks associated with the safety of inspections.

GLOBSIT, today, has a new face and a new style, designed at best represent the evolution of the services associated with the brand. The spheres of the old logo become pixels, integrating into the writing, to represent a new level of detail, a zoom that allows you to see beyond.

The integration of AI in GLOBSIT systems for Cyber ​​Security and SCADA industrial inspections lets the customer to see more, to anticipate the future, maximizing the positive impact of the service, that’s to say, EFFICIENCY.

To get into the spirit of the new graphic line, we need to talk about the history of GLOBSIT, about the Mood, and no one can tell it better than the three partners who built it, Giuseppe (CEO & Founder), Marco (CTO & Founder) and Gioele (COO & Engineering Director).


Giuseppe Neri

CEO & Founder

“I love the challenges that life and people offer me.”

This is the slogan on my LinkedIn. With a managerial experience consolidated over time on different fronts (I was trained in the building sector) but during my life I was ever stimulated by the technology sector and, with the fortune to meet people of extreme ability like Marco and Gioele, I have gone further, in the Cyber ​​Security and Smart Drones sector; after all in perfect compatibility with the academic career that I have traveled in Investigation and Security studies. GLOBSIT as born almost as a Hobby, and the passion and attendance of environments recognized as Ethical Hacking are been decisive for continuing a path that is now stable and recognized on both main Assets. Technology is the only weapon in our power to contribute to a better and Smart living.

Marco Motta

CTO & Founder

“I spent half my years looking for a dream, and another half carrying it out.”

GLOBSIT is not a company like any other, it’s a dream come true, it has an own soul that inspires me every day. Whether my first Firewall on a decent Gateway was a trivial #iptable with Unix-Shell and Script Bash, today our Cyber ​​Security systems learn autonomously with MLA and ad-hoc neural networks. With the same technology our Smart Drones fly and inspect over all kinds of scenarios. Our first logo, a clear reference to the #glider and the hacker culture, is grown so mutch until to reach an innovative point in the way of seeing things; let’s go back to retrò #pixels to see more deeply. The relaunch of our Brand is therefore a hint of our #mood: we are aware of SEEING BEYOND.

Gioele Fierro

COO & Engineering Director

“The first time I had to deal with the three GLOBSIT spheres I was 17 (it was 2007) and I was in my room trying to develop (unsuccessfully) a firmware.”

The image of the three spheres was part of a series of proposals that Marco shared with me for a Nerd opinion on a new company logo; obviously the visual approach to the Glider immediately attracted my intention. A few years later Giuseppe and Marco courageously took me on board, talking about safety and futuristic solutions and contemporary problems. The air you breathe today in our new offices is the same that one breathed (mixed with tobacco’smell ) in the rooms where I met those who would become my mentors and partners. This spirit led us to go further looking for ways to “see more”, and this is the spirit that, thanks to an exceptional designer, we were able to translate into the new corporate image. So that every time I look at a GLOBSIT-branded rover, drone or software, I will have a new incentive to do my best to transform high-tech ideas into practical solutions that can help people and the planet.